Meet the Team

This is our Team of property experts.

Stuart Donnington

Founder and Managing Director

Heading our acquisitions service and spearheading major refurbishment projects is Stuart, a seasoned professional with an impressive track record spanning nearly two decades in the landlord sector. With over a decade of leadership experience in Sales and Lettings Estate Agencies, Stuart brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Holding esteemed Property Mark qualifications in Residential Lettings and Property Management, he stands as a beacon of knowledge and proficiency in the industry.

Stuart’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by invaluable years of hands-on experience, during which he has honed his skills and insights to perfection. His deep understanding of the market dynamics and trends makes his contributions truly invaluable to our team.

In addition to his pivotal role in acquisitions and refurbishments, Stuart also serves as a director at our esteemed Guaranteed Rent company, Francis Stuart Guaranteed Ltd. Here, he applies his strategic vision and leadership acumen to ensure the smooth operation and growth of the company.

Furthermore, Stuart’s versatile involvement extends to Fine and Country Plymouth and Salcombe, where he assumes the role of director, showcasing his ability to excel across different facets of our operations. His dynamic leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence continue to drive success and innovation within our organisation.

Russell Champion

Sales Director

Russell’s journey in the estate agency world commenced at the tender age of 17, and over the span of 24 years, his dedication to the industry has only deepened. With a remarkable start valuing properties in the Plymouth area at just 20 years old, he swiftly rose through the ranks, showcasing a natural talent and passion for the field. By the age of 22, Russell had already secured a managerial position within one of Europe’s largest estate agencies. His exceptional performance not only consistently exceeded sales targets but also garnered him prestigious annual accolades, solidifying his reputation as a top performer within the company.

While Russell currently calls Plymouth home, his roots extend to South East Cornwall, endowing him with unparalleled local insight into the property landscape of these regions. This deep-seated connection to the area enriches his understanding of market dynamics and positions him as a trusted advisor to clients seeking properties in these locales. Russell’s extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to both our team and our clients, ensuring that every transaction is executed with precision and professionalism.

Paige Brown

Lettings Director

Paige is at the core of our business, navigating a diverse array of responsibilities each day from spearheading our office operations to overseeing our team of Portfolio Managers, conducting appraisals, managing renovations and providing invaluable guidance to clients on maximising their investments. Paige also serves as our primary liaison with Plymouth City Council regarding HMO Licensing, ensuring compliance and smooth communication channels with us being one of few Agents in Plymouth that, to date, have never received a fine from the local authority for any of our managed properties. Drawing from her personal investment experience in property, Paige offers a unique blend of skills uncommon among Letting Agents. Her firsthand experience enriches her ability to provide clients with invaluable advice and support, setting her apart in the industry.

Certified by Propertymark in Residential Lettings and Property Management, alongside memberships and accreditations with prestigious associations like the National Residential Landlords Association and the South West Landlords Association, Paige is also a relentless pursuer of knowledge. Currently pursuing Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Association in Residential Property, she is passionate about the importance of staying abreast of industry trends and regulations.

Whether she’s knee-deep in a DIY project, charging across a rugby pitch, or embarking on new adventure with her partner Mike and beloved dog Mabel, Paige rarely spends a day sat still.

Abbi Noble

Senior HMO Portfolio Manager

Having commenced her professional journey in the realm of insurance, Abbi transitioned to the student letting sector, initially assuming the role of a property manager overseeing a substantial portfolio of 600 units. After a year and a half in this domain, Abbi embraced change by channeling her property management expertise into the broader shared housing market. This transition took place when she joined the Francis Stuart team in August 2021. Ever since her integration, Abbi has proven to be a valuable asset, consistently displaying meticulousness and efficiency in her oversight of maintenance across her property portfolio.

Endowed with a robust understanding of HMO Regulations, Abbi excels in identifying and effectively resolving issues within houses. Her commitment to professional growth is evident as she currently pursues her Level 3 qualification in Residential Property Management and Lettings through the NRLA, a journey supported by Francis Stuart.

Sam Wilson

Senior Tenancy Manager

Since September 2022, Sam has been at the helm of our West Devon and Cornwall Branch, previously known as Tavistock Lettings. His journey in the property industry commenced back in 2013, initially in sales within a corporate agency that predominantly handled investment properties. This background has endowed Sam with an extensive understanding of property valuation, marketing, and investment strategies. However, over time, he has refined his prowess in property management to an exceptional degree – a skill set that he readily offers to his clients.

Sam entered our organization with the guiding principle, “No-one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” This motto not only resonates with our ethos but also encapsulates how he provides unwavering support to our clients. While Sam’s expertise is already substantial, he remains committed to broadening his horizons. Currently, he is actively pursuing a Level 3 qualification in Residential Property Management, accredited by Propertymark and facilitated by Francis Stuart.

Beyond his diligent office work, property valuations, and viewings, Sam’s diverse interests come to light. He is a true triple threat, gracing stages with his talents. In addition, he volunteers his time to impart dance skills to young individuals. When at home, he finds solace in the company of his significant other and their feline companion, Ember, often savoring cocktails and relaxation.

Erin Burch

HMO Portfolio Manager and Refurbishment Co-Ordinator

Erin became a part of our team in August 2021, commencing her journey as an apprentice administrator. However, her path took an exciting turn when she delved into the realm of Property Management, and she has never looked back since. Initially affiliated with a student letting agency, Erin initially intended to progress through her apprenticeship. Nevertheless, after closely collaborating with the Property Managers, she wholeheartedly embraced Property Management as her true calling. This decision received our wholehearted support and has proven to be an outstanding leap for Erin, our clients, and Francis Stuart alike.

Currently overseeing a portfolio of up to 175 tenancies, Erin’s expertise lies in the domain of Shared Housing. Her ceaseless efforts revolve around ensuring swift occupancy of rooms, seamless initiation of tenancies, efficient property management, and maintaining the homes as comfortable abodes for their inhabitants.

Erin’s dedication is evident in her relentless pursuit of excellence. Continuously aiming to elevate her property management prowess, she is presently engaged in pursuing a Level 3 qualification in Residential Property Management and Lettings, endorsed by Propertymark. This pursuit is made possible through the facilitation of Francis Stuart, showcasing Erin’s commitment to honing her skills and staying at the forefront of her field

Samantha Cadman

Senior Tenancy Manager

Bringing a wealth of experience as a seasoned Property Manager, Sam proved to be a valuable addition to the Francis Stuart Team in June 2023. With a background spanning back to March 2012 in residential property management, Sam initially began as a lettings negotiator and progressively ascended to a senior role by 2017. Her expertise shines through as she provides clients with an expansive understanding of property management and upkeep.

At the helm of our Residential Portfolio in Plymouth, Sam serves as the primary point of contact for over 100 properties. Her responsibilities encompass the entire spectrum, from facilitating seamless move-ins to overseeing the intricacies of move-outs on behalf of our clients. Demonstrating unwavering dedication, Sam diligently works to expedite property rentals for landlords, promptly address maintenance concerns for tenants, and ensure all properties meet regulatory standards.

Beyond her professional commitments, Sam finds solace in embarking on leisurely strolls accompanied by her faithful Labrador companion, Buster. She cherishes moments spent with her children and indulges in her passion for DIY projects during her off-hours.

Jackie Christianson

Accounts Assistant

Jackie serves as the ultimate ally for our landlords and contractors by ensuring timely payments. Having joined Francis Stuart in April 2022 as an Accounts Assistant, she swiftly became an integral part of our team.

With a background spanning several years in the Accounts Sector, I can confidently state that this role has been the most fulfilling in my career. The sense of camaraderie and unwavering support from my colleagues turns each workday into an enjoyable experience, and I genuinely look forward to every day at the office.

During my leisure time, you’ll find me indulging in activities such as walking, hitting the gym, and occasionally participating in pub quizzes. And yes, I’m quite adept at dodging away from any attempts to take my photograph!

Lili Ferris

Administration Apprentice

Lili shines brightly as the budding star of our letting agency team, infusing every task she undertakes with a fresh perspective and boundless enthusiasm. In her role as our dedicated Apprentice Administrator, Lili serves as the linchpin of our office, ensuring seamless operations and maximum efficiency.

With a background in customer service, Lili joined our team eager to expand her knowledge and skills while harnessing her keen eye for detail. As our office administrator, she embodies professionalism and compassion, greeting every call with warmth and expertise.

Beyond her administrative duties, Lili is a relentless learner, constantly seeking to deepen her understanding of the letting industry and beyond. Her thirst for knowledge is matched only by her dedication and drive, promising a future filled with remarkable achievements.

Outside the office, Lili’s world revolves around her lively menagerie of furry friends. With 7 cats and 9 dogs at home, she’s always surrounded by playful companionship, though it’s clear that Smudge the cat holds a special place in her heart.