Property Valuation

If you are looking for a valuation on your property, we offer numerous ways to get this done.

How much is your home worth?

We like giving our clients options. As you can see we have three types of property valuations for you to choose from depending on what’s right for you.

You can get a super fast computer-generated property valuation, or book an in-person ‘normal’ valuation with us going into detail about our marketing plan. Or you can choose our equity checker valuation.

Your choice, but feel free to get in touch if you are not sure what the best option for you is.

If you have any questions about our Property Valuations, please contact a member of the Francis Stuart team today.

In-Person Valuation

If you would like to move in the next three months, then this is the right appointment for you. One of our highly experienced property experts, will attend and run through our 13 Step plan to achieve a premium price for your home.

From your appointment, you’ll be in the best place to achieve the best price possible for your property.

The appointment will take approximately 1 hour, and we hope to be 100% accurate with our valuation based on comparable properties.

Instant Online Valuation

This is a quick way to find out the estimated value of your property. It is best used if you are just curious about the valuation of your home. The figure is generated by a computer based on land registry data and local property data and how much you paid for your property. It does not take into account if you have built an extension or had a loft conversion.

All you need to do is enter a few details about your property and you will be provided with an instant estimated valuation for your home.

No need for an appointment and you will get your result within minutes, these types of valuations are normally 80% accurate.

Equity Checker Valuation

This valuation is for you if you are thinking of moving in the next 12 months, or maybe you need to remortgage and would like to know the value of your house for this purpose.

What you will get from this appointment is:-

  • A current opinion of your property’s value.
  • The amount of Equity you have in your home.
  • Any improvements we would recommend that you could make to your home to increase its value or saleability in the future.

This appointment will take approximately 15 minutes, and we hope to be 90% accurate with our valuation based on comparable properties.