Trying to Sell

So your property has been on the property market without success. We know that it can be very frustrating.

How we can still help you sell

Price, marketing, motivation and agent.

When people put their properrties on the market, they’re keen to sell. They want an offer on the table, money in the bank or at least to have the knowledge that they can start looking for their dream property fairly soon.

Unfortunately, we see far too many properties with other agents that have been on the market too long, unloved and unsold. But as you approach the end of your initial contract period with your existing agent, maybe now’s the time to start thinking about a change because not all estate agents are the same.

The problem is that when a property is unsold, the market loses confidence in it. Potential buyers look at it and say, ‘if no one else wants it, why should I?’ and ‘what’s wrong with it?’ This is the reason it’s so important to sell a property as quickly as you can and it’s why we always look to sell a property within a reasonable ten-week period as often as we can.

If that’s not happened with your current property, then maybe it’s time to call us at Francis Stuart. Let’s get you out of your existing contract, re-market your property with us and get it sold within a sensible time frame and at a realistic price that allows you to move on with your life.

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Six Costly Mistakes to Avoid Guide

Download our Six costly mistakes to avoid when selling your property now.


Professional Photography

Our team will ensure that the best photographs of the property get taken to show off your property. We will attend with the photographer to ensure the property is looking its best, and then use these photos for the marketing of the property. By doing this, we aim to ensure that your property is presented at the highest standard.

Zero-Weeks Contract

We believe that estate agents should not tie in their clients to lengthy contracts. If an estate agent is not performing for their clients then the client should be able to switch estate agents. We are so confident in the service levels that we offer zero-week contract terms.

Limited Stock of Properties

When we founded the business we never set out to list as many properties as possible. We don't crave to be the number one agent by listings on Rightmove.

By employing Francis Stuart to sell your home we want to form a relationship based on service and high-quality property marketing.

A Higher Sale Price

Our clients benefit from 2.2% more for their property than the national average.

A Lower Purchase Price

With our unique negotiator service, our clients save an average of £11,300 on their next home.

Communication At Our Heart

We don't just say we will keep you updated. Every client has a dedicated WhatsApp group connecting them to their agent and our agent assistants meaning you're always in the loop.

Got a question? No problem

We are more than happy to help with any of your property questions so if there is something you need an answer to, feel free to contact us.